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Castellazzo 3-30

Gold Stamp cardboard gift package
Hard, cooked cheese with slow maturation, made with raw, semi-skimmed milk, registered as Protected Denomination of Origin in accordance with Reg. CE 510/2006.
Parmigiano Reggiano aged for more than 30 months, the richest variation in terms of nutritional elements, is drier, more crumbly, and more grainy.
The predominant flavour here is more intense, with notes of spices and of dried fruit.
Sold in a practical cardboard container with typical knife included.
  • Maturation Cheese: above 30 months
  • Weight Cheese: 1 kg
€ 25,07 VAT included
Art. 0001 Total weight with packaging: 1,15 kg
  • Gold Stamp cardboard gift package

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