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Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo

making Parmigiano Reggiano for more than 100 years

Il Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo

Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo
Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo is one of the first cheese transformation structures in the province of Reggio Emilia.
Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo is currently an important producer in the province, with 80,000,000 kilos of milk transformed, for approximately 18,000 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano every year. An ultra modern production plant, in line with the standards in force and with strict quality requirements, and an equally modern warehouse to store the products.
Throughout its long history, our cheese factory has been a reference for hundreds of producers, has helped create income and work, has given continuity and guaranteed work to several small livestock farms that dedicate their work to the production of milk destined to become Parmigiano Reggiano.

The factory's volume of activity has been increasing steadily, hand in hand with attention to the quality of our products. We were one of the first cheese factories in the province to obtain the Quality Management System certification in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001. All the documents relative to our certifications can be downloaded from the dedicated section.

At the Castellazzo, for more than 100 years the best milk has been transformed in a unique cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano.

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At the Castellazzo, for more than 100 years the best milk has been transformed in a unique cheese. The secret of the Castellazzo is somehow the secret of Parmigiano Reggiano: simplicity and authenticity. To make Parmigiano Reggiano you need milk, salt, and rennet. To make one hundred years you need effort, hard work, and certainty. Effort and hard work have always been assets of the peasant world, while certainty is the deep sureness of working the right way. This certainty has brought together the men who have worked in this cheese factory generation after generation. The certainty of creating a unique cheese that can only be made one way: well.

At Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo, located in the heart of the Parmigiano Reggiano region, a miracle takes place each day. Milk is collected twice a day from selected milk cows, the prima donnas of a unique event whose climax is the moment of milking.
Milk is then taken to the casello's tubs, where it will be transformed into Parmigiano Reggiano by the expert and knowledgeable hands of the Master Cheesemaker, custodian of an ancient art that has been handed from generation to generation for centuries. When you taste a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano, a one-of-its-kind cheese, you can experience the sensation of stepping inside a timeless poetry.

These territories and their inhabitants are famous for their respect for everything that lives. Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo is at your disposal to answer every curiosity you may have about this unique cheese, and to provide information on how to purchase directly from producers.
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