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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions frequently asked by users Here you will find a list of the replies most frequently given to newly arrived users.

Do I have to register before placing an order?

Yes. To place an order you must first register at the website of Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S. c.r.l.

Sign up at easy, fast and safe! Just click on "Registration" and follow the simple steps to complete your online registration. Then click on the link you will be e-mailed to confirm your registration and you will be ready to buy from Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S.c.r.l. acquires and collects your data with the single purpose of supplying the service you request. It therefore will never transfer to other commercial companies, under any circumstances, the database of its own clients or the personal information it contains (see Privacy Policy). In addition, by registering users can participate in the offers that Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S.c.r.l. may propose.

How can I purchase a product?

You can select the product you desire by navigating through shopping categories and subcategories, therefore directly accessing the product or list of products. Once you find the product you want to buy, just enter the desired quantity on the field or use the + and - buttons to determine the quantity, then click on "add to basket".

In your basket you will see the list of products you have selected and can alter their quantity or eliminate products you no longer wish to buy. Click on "Proceed to check out" to be sent to the log in or registration page before you conclude your order by selecting your payment method of choice (credit card through the safe PayPal circuit or money transfer).

The products you have ordered will be shipped to the address you entered during registration.

How do I know whether a product is available?

All products displayed on the ONLINE SHOP section are available and ready to order and to ship.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with your credit card using the safe PayPal circuit or through money transfer.

If you choose to pay online, you can use PayPal, easy and safe, as your purchase data are not directly managed by Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S.c.r.l., only by PayPal, which will then transfer this information to international circuits (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PostePay, Discover or Carta Aura). If you prefer an offline payment, we also accept bank transfers.

For further information, please visit the PAYMENT section.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Our website offers the most updated guarantees in terms of e-commerce. Your personal data, credit card number, items ordered and other information are used online in encrypted form (not decipherable).

These data are not directly managed by Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S.r.c.rl., but by PayPal's safe online payment service. This payment instrument allows credit card holders to provide their own sensitive data (name, card number and date of expiry) directly to the bank, not to the shop or service provider that manages it. When this payment method is selected, the relative form that resides in a safe server (using a 128-bit cryptography system with public/private key, fully safe for buyers) is used, requesting that you enter your credit card information. In this manner, Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S.c.r.l. does not know your credit card number and therefore cannot, in any manner, use it in transactions different than the transaction authorised by the user.

How can I calculate my shipping expenses?

Shipping costs vary according to the number of kilos you have purchased and to your shipping address. The system will automatically calculate shipping costs based on the shipping address you provide. After placing products in your basket and logging in or registering in the website, your shipping costs will always remain visible, before you place your final order, in the BASKET and CHECK OUT pages.

These are the shipping costs for ITALY:
Up to 2 kg > € 7.04
Up to 14 kg > € 8.93
Up to 50 kg > € 10.50

Where do I enter my shipping address?

The shipping address should be entered during your registration at, using the online form. This address can be modified whenever you want, in the MY DATA section, after logging in.

E' previsto e come viene regolato il Diritto di recesso?

Buyers, in accordance with art. 5 of Leg. Decree no. 185 of 22 May 1999, are entitled to return their order within ten days of delivery.

Requests of return require sending a registered letter within the deadline above, i.e. confirmed telegram or fax within the following 48 hours through registered letter, to the following address: Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S. c.r. l. - Via Don Mazzolari 12, 42012 Campagnola (RE) - Italy The registered letter must include the shipping slip for the returned items, at the buyer's expenses, sent to Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo S.c.r.l. as indicated above. Buyers who return purchased items shall be refunded through non-transferable nominal bank check in the name of the buyer indicated in the order. The refunded value shall correspond to the price of the ordered goods. The refunded amount does not include packaging and handling (shipping).

Any other questions?

If you still have questions to ask us, please fill in the form in the "CONTACT US > FOR FURTHER INFORMATION" section of this website.
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